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Enterprise Cloud Strategy, 2nd Edition
by Barry Briggs and Eduardo Kassner

For IT professionals, the cloud is now a fact of life. The potential value of the cloud to enterprises is transformative and goes far beyond traditional concepts of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). The infrastructure, applications, and services that are delivered through the hybrid cloud model, if implemented collaboratively between IT and business leadership, will facilitate a process of transformational innovation that can lead to significant competitive advantages and operational efficiencies. This collaborative journey to the cloud requires different skills, thinking, and culture for successful navigation. The process of cloud migration also requires a plan and a solid understanding of the various components of a cloud strategy. This book targets CIOs, architects, and business leaders. It addresses the necessary cultural, organizational, and technical transformations that enable this journey based on practical advice drawn from real-world experiences.

This book draws upon my experiences as CTO of Microsoft IT during its migration to Azure, and from Eduardo's experiences with hundreds of customers also making this foundational transition. It provides a pragmatic approach -- experimentation, migration, exploitation -- with detailed examples of how to plan, organize, establish new processes and roles -- of how a large enterprise should plan for and execute a cloud strategy.

Available as a free download NOW from Microsoft Press; also available in print (hard copy) real soon now.