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The Tip of the Spear

This page is under construction, but here's a teaser for you:

What better place for a bored Prince of Darkness to cause some mischief than that den of temptation, Washington, D.C.? It begins with a glittering fundraiser for a conservative Senator; returning home, he finds a homicidal Brahma bull, brother of the event’s main course, reclining on the sofa.

And then: a graying, pot-bellied legislator finds himself transformed into a young, lusty, miniskirted siren; soon she and her vampire running mate are well on their way to the White House – where the current occupant desperately tries to prove his manhood with a meaningless war, even as he searches in vain for the cojones mysteriously lost during a campaign debate.

None of this escapes the eye of our hero, an immortal Roman legionary living quietly in the Pacific Northwest. He and his equally long-lived friends – a dog, a tiger, and a mighty Chinese dragon, all with their own tales to tell – understand that underlying the wild farce is a great danger to all humanity. But Marcus Flavius, with terrible memories from two thousand years ago, of a butchered wife and son, and the horrific murder of an extraordinary man, shies away from his destiny.

Then lovely, irresistible Beatrice, bay-a-treech-ay as she insists he pronounce her name, “like Dante’s guide,” comes into his life. To his horror, the Evil One has his eyes on her as well; and to save her he must face his past – and by doing so, save the future.

The Tip of the Spear, combining elements of Faust, The Master and Margarita, and the Marx Brothers, is at once a raucous, bawdy contemporary comedy and a timeless tale of love and courage.